calling all artists!

would you like to be famous?

would you like to have your art on a world-wide played game for free?

today is the day you can possibly have both.

now is the perfect time for you to enhance your portfolio and broaden your customer base with empires and generals: the card game!


empires and generals is a card game created by me in 2010 with the expressed purpose of being -

1) fun
2) free
3) accurate

to date, dec 31, 2012, has received 432,760 page views and is adored by its fans worldwide for it's elements of strategy, tactics as well as being completely free to play.

i love making my players happy.

one of the best ways to do that is by giving them more artwork to appreciate, i would like it to be your artwork!

submit your art and receive:

1) your art on the card
2) your name on the card
3) your website on the card

the  have no venture capital left to pay you at this time, but if the game sells, then there will be PLENTY of room for talk.

the game is basically starting out small for patent reasons, but there is almost indefinite expansion available in the future!

i am going to be needing accurate representations of soldiers and warfare in the chinese, roman, hun and egyptian civilizations for the initial release.

including but not limited to: attila or julias ceasar, crossbowmen, chariots and things of that nature.

you can redo/draw/paint ANY of the cards that are already listed on or the surrounding websites associated with the game.

i would like to have every card made with original art. the more artists we have, the better.

send your submissions to:

i will be looking for -

1) historical accuracy
2) quality
3) beauty

you can use any genre of 2D still life art that you wish -

1) painting
2) drawing
3) photo
4) digital art

please do not use video or .gif as a submission as the art must be still life.

thank you for your time and i hope to see those submissions coming in.


-pauly hart


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