in an effort to create this game, i used specifically to hunt and find much of the picture and graphic content. sometimes i had to get very inventive in my searching to find a picture in color that was historically accurate and nice enough to use.

when i came across copyright info i hope to have left it alone, even though there is some really cool art out there that i was tempted to use.

hopefully all of what i have used is in public domain status (most times).

if you have had your art appear in my game, i assure you i mean no ill toward you as an artist. i myself am one and would like to reconcile with you by one of two ways:

1) i will, per your request, cease and desist all cards with that art and it will not be used again and i will issue a formal apology.

2) we may continue to use the art and will provide your name and website on the card as free publicity to you as the artist.

please email me at


-pauly hart


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